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to and proceeded to get a grant application with our department of justice. and i will first and foremost thank president obama and the department of justice for recognizing a big gap that we have, a gap that is reflective of our multi-culturalism. and, therefore, this specific $650,000 grant is really to fulfill a huge gap that we had when we are looking at immigrant families. we're looking at particularly latino and asian families, but immigrant families who, for many years, we knew that we were not getting the right level of reports, the right level of services because of the cultural gaps here. so, this is targeted and aimed at that gap. and it is, i think, very telling that we have our immigrant families stepping up and feeling confident in this city that they can work with all the community agencies that are involved here, and really try to help us end domestic violence because that's the goal of all these agencies. it isn't really to tolerate or just provide a service. it really is to end domestic violence. and that's been the goal of this city. and that's why we work so hard. george and
that with iran's help. brian todd, cnn, washington. >> thank you very much. >>> president barack obama should be landing in thailand in about nine hours. he's on a three-day journey to asia where he'll attend the east asia summit. he'll also stop in cambodia and myanmar. his visit to myanmar where welcome signs are already up, will be the very first visit from an american president. i'm don lemon at the c nrx nrnn headquarters in atlanta. we'll have much more on the conflict in the middle east in the next hour, but in the meantime, wolf blitzer is back in "the situation room" after a very quick break. [ female announcer ] today, jason is here to volunteer to help those in need. when a twinge of back pain surprises him. morning starts in high spirits, but there's a growing pain in his lower back. as lines grow longer, his pain continues to linger. but after a long day of helping others, he gets some helpful advice. just two aleve have the strength to keep back pain away all day. today, jason chose aleve. just two pills for all day pain relief. try aleve d for strong, all day long sinus and hea
part by american petroleum institute. >>> thanks to president obama for the confidence, like an old soldier. >> so said david petraeus 15 months ago, september 2011, when he was sworn in as director of the central intelligence agency, petraeus was nominated by president obama replacing outgoing cia director leon panetta. now head of the department of defense. but petraeus suddenly resigned one week ago in petraeus' own words, a quote unquote extramarital affair. the woman in question, paula broadwell who is also married and co-wrote a 400-page biography of general petraeus last year when petraeus was still the top commander in afghanistan. >> it is a portrait of modern warfare. and i tried to show in the back how his ideas are playing out on the ground through the poor traits of three battalion commanders. >> petraeus still has a stellar reputation. a four-star general, with a 37- year military career. he was chosen by president george w. bush to oversee the surge strategy in iraq in 2007. he was sent by president obama to be the top commander in afghanistan, heading isaf, the inter
helped to elect president obama. so thanks to shay stewart boulen in saco, maine. we're going to stay on race talk a lit more but we're going to talk about president obama. we done it again. why does it matter? we'll explain when we come back. . it takes some doing. some coordinating. and a trip to the one place with the new ideas that help us pull it all together. from the things that hang and shine... the things that sparkle and jingle. all while saving the things that go in our wallet. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. create a musical light show with the maestro mouse voice- activated ornament. [ ding! ] ...and spend time on the slopes. take alka-seltzer plus cold & cough... [ buzz! ] ...and spend time on the chair. for non-drowsy 6-symptom cold & flu relief. take dayquil. use nyquil d... [ ding! ] ...and get longer nighttime cough relief. use alka-seltzer plus night cold & flu... [ coughs ] [ buzz! ] [ screams ] ...and you could find yourself... honey? ...on the couch. nyquil d. 50% longer cough and stuffy nose relief. >>> ♪ >> president obama m
. >> thanks. this week president obama gave his first news conference since being reelected in which he urged congress to act on a very big issue, immigration reform. >> this is not historically been a partisan issue. we've had president obama and john mccain and others who have supported comprehensive immigration reform in the pass. so we need to seize the moment. >> but a majority in congress has already seized the moment and stood up for immigration reform. in the house, a majority passed the dream act in 2010, and in the senate 54 senators backed it. the dream act is not law because it was filibustered by the republican minor. the filibuster of course is the opposition's weapon of choice. so enacting any big legislation in the future may require some big changes to the filibuster itself. now in the last congress, senate democrats tried to enact filibuster reform, but they didn't get anywhere. now democrats are considering a pretty traditional tweak, forcing republicans to actually go down on the senate floor and speak for hours if they want to obstruct. nowadays, the minority party can ba
those brakes were applied. >> mason: anna werner, thanks, anna. at the white house today ouesident obama met with congressional leaders to try to trk out a deal to avoid the so- .alled fiscal cliff. eret's the combination of severe budget cuts and tax hikes that will go into effect in january if there's no agreement on the budget. nancy cordes is at the white house and, nancy, it appears that everyone's at least a bit more optimistic now, right? >> reporter: that's right, anthony. today's meeting was just the first step and the outlines of a daal are still far from clear. ep ain the wake of last week's election, leaders from both sides appear more eager to compromise with one another than they have perhaps in years. >> i think we're all aware that wa have some urgent business to do. >> reporter: the president, vice president and four top congressional leaders insisted they are willing to put their own sacred cows on the line to get a deal and calm jittery financial markets. >> to show our seriousness, we've put revenue on the table. as long as it's accompanied by significant spending cut
: they look 2009ies. ben, awesome talking to you, got to go. >> thank you inform when we come back, geraldo rivera on general petraeus' testimony today. and the cool factor putting president obama back in the white house. geraldo, he's next >> greg: thanks for staying with us. i'm greg gutfeld in for bill o'reilly. in the friday's with geraldo segment, there are so many questions surrounding the timing of general petraeus' resignation, including why didn't president obama know about the investigation into the former c.i.a. director earlier? attorney general eric holder attempted to clear that up. >> we made the determine aches as we were going through the matter that there was not a threat to national security. had we made the determination that a threat to national security existed, we would, of course, have made that known to the president and also to the appropriate members on the hill. >> greg: with us now, the legendary geraldo rivera. before we get to the petraeus investigation, i want to get your thoughts on the libya testimony today. amazing stuff about removing this line, referring
the flaw. >> rick: thanks. >> arthel: as we mentioned earlier, in a few weeks from now, president obama will sit down with congressional leaders to hammer out a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. looming tax hikes, and spending cuts that threaten to plunge the u.s. back into another recession, yet many traders on wall street say, well, they're not worried. kyle harrington is founder of harrington capital management. tell us why wall street is not concerned. >> i think, let's make no mistake about it. this is a search, an exercise in a search for a workable solution from both sides. i get the sense here in my research that wall street has analyzed this and said they think that there is going to be some level of a solution for the united states with respect to tax hikes and cuts in spending in an effort to protect and decrease our deficit. okay? and i think wall street has factored in the fact that there will be a temporary -- i call it kind of a patch and plan type of plan going forward. it may be temporary -- i'm thinking it will be temporary in nature and revisit later on. >> arthel: kyle
recall, yes we can was a concession speech and that was the time when barack obama soared when he lost to hillary clinton in new hampshire. sometimes you show more of who you are in loss. >> i got to go. thank you. you guys are great. coming up. general david petraeus has probably gotten more ink than president barack obama. he testified on what happened whether susan rice was given the facts. we'll talk to a member of the house intelligence committee who was in that room when petraeus spoke in that closed door hearing. the fiscal cliff. how much room will the interest groups give the president to make a deal. they met with the president today and told them where they stand. we'll hear from 2005 them. guess who showed up at parks and recreation last night on the show. >> on behalf of the president and myself -- >> mr. vice president i'm deeply flattered but no way i could take over madam secretary clinton's position. >> joe biden goes hollywood. can obama's second term be a true reach for greatness? this is "hardball", the place for politics. s could only come from nature. now from the
for president obama. cable wastulations' thanking them for continuing the anti-terrorism policies. president in mind hadi is part of the old regime. he was the vice president in the former administration. he is a military man with a military history and the vice- president of the old regime and old president. he was part of the policies that have been adopted. that is one. two, i think from the number of statements i have heard hadi talking about, he was mentioning the military support to restructure the military units. that is one of the major challenges president hadi is facing. that will determine to a large extent of the state he is leading now. the former regime is still there. he is leading an opposition group. one of the major challenges is reforming the security units in yemen. president hadi looks to the u.s. help needed in particular. we see the continuing policy of focusing on military support to president hadi and the policies there as well. >> yes. >> thank you. i agree with both of your comments and statements that the narrow view of our security approach is counterproductive.
on the border. thank you. >>> president obama has spoken to israel's prime minister about the escalating crisis. benjamin netanyahu called the president to voice his deep appreciation for the u.s. investment in israel's iron dome defense system, which has intercepted a slew of rockets fired from gaza. president obama reiterated u.s. support for israel's right to defend itself and discussed options for diffusing this situation. >>> in egypt, 47 children are dead after a bus crashed into a train. the minister of transport and the head of the local railroad agency have resigned because of this. 60 students were onboard when the accident happened. officials are investigating. >>> back in the u.s., victims of the aurora movie theater shooting will soon get monetary compensation. doe norse sent in $5 million. they have handled similar disbursements. the fund was established by colorado's governor and a local charity. >>> setting the scene in israel. the battle is heating up there between israel and hamas. we've been showing you that all morning. and we will take a closer look at the fire power at pla
: molly henneberg in washington. thanks. >> heather: president obama now in germany during a brief stop on his way to southeast asia. deputy national security advisor ben rhodes says that working with that region will be a critical part of the president's second term and ultimately his foreign policy legacy. president obama will first arrive in tie land before moving on to cambodia and then on monday, he will actually make history by becoming the first sitting u.s. president to visit burma. >> gregg: extremely tight election is now over in the state of arizona. democrat ron barber won a full term representing the state's second congressional district. vote increase a special election picked him to finish out the remainder of gabrielle giffords' term. but last week's election, so very tight, took until today to declare a clear winner. >> heather: the tsa confirming to fox news a troubling weakness in our nation's airport security and if exploited, it could make it easier for passengers to take potentially dangerous items on board planes. dominic is live at l.a.x. in los angeles with more
, recognition. that's the position of the government of israel and the position of the obama administration and it's the position of the european union and the quartet. it is not the position of hamas and the terrorists. they're dedicated to our destruction. >> ambassador, thank you very much for joininging me. >> pleasure, pierce. >> joining me is the palestinian legislative council, a number of the plo executive committee. welcome to you. >> thank you, pierce. we just heard from ambassador michael oren, very strong words saying this is entirely down to hamas and the grip that hamas now has on the gaza strip. what is your reaction? >> that's not only disingenuous, but it's very misleading and it has very little to do with the truth, but we're used to the israeli officials' spin. actually before hamas took over in 2007 the israelis continually used gaza as a firing range, shooting at will, killing, destroying. in 2008 and 2009 they killed 1,440 palestinians and mainly civilians. today they're killing over 30 palestinians mainly civilians, children and women and at the same time they're talk
should be legalized. that is the future and in this case obama who hauls out stupid and democratic democratic -- socialist ideals from europe could move forward. john: thank you. what my crystal ball says what my crystal ball says about the next four years. nfc, afc, offensive lineman, defensive tackles, quarterbacks and cornerbacks are all living united. to ensure the academic success of millions of kids in our communities. all the way to graduation day. but that won't happen without you. so take the pledge at make a difference in the life of a child. suit up like your favorite nfl players, and become a volunteer reader, tutor or mentor with united way. john:. >> we double the production of clean energy. >> the mosimportant thing we can do is control our own energy. john: to idea is more clean energy and control it it does sound important. now that obama got four more years zero happen? jerry taylor's today's energy for the cato institute. >> i would like added that could be affordable but without subsidies it would not be there. the wind energy tax credit is disapp
tool, only from progressive. call or click today. i got you covered. thank you. oh, you're so welcome. >>> rights now president obama is on his way to thailand. it's the first stop of the three nation tour of asia. tomorrow the president is scheduled to meet with taiwan's king, prime minister and the u.s. embassy staff in bangkok. then he is on to minima, a country that no u.s. president has visited before. then he'll head to cambodia for the east asia summit. come new year's day, america could face a $7 trillion nightmare. a series of tax increases and major spending cuts will go into effect unless the white house and capitol hill reach a deal. cnn's political editor paul ste steinhouser is gauging what the public is saying about the fiscal cliff. paul? >> the clock is ticking on avoiding the fiscal cliff. the president, as he sat down at the white house friday with top congressional leaders from both parties. americans agree in a poll that it is extremely or very important for the president and congress to reach a deal. >> i believe we can do this and avert the fiscal cliff. >> repo
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. this is special. anyway, thank you joy reid. i got to go. thank you, david. you guys are great. please come back as fast as you can. >>> coming up, the general on the hill. general david petraeus has probably got more ink than president obama and for all the wrong reasons. today he testified on what happened on benghazi. and whether ambassador susan rice had been given the fakes when she gave the administration's account. we're going to talk to a member of the house intelligence committee who was in that room when petraeus spoke in that closed door hearing. >>> also, the fiscal cliff. how much room will the interest groups give the president to make a deal? they met with the president today and yesterday, and they told him where they stand. we'll hear from two of them who met with them. >>> and guess who showed up at "parks and recreation" last night, on the show? >> on behalf of the president and myself -- >> oh, mr. vice president, i am deeply flattered, but there's no way i could take over madam secretary clinton's position. >> wow. vice president biden goes hollywood in the "sideshow." >>> l
. >> thank you so much, jon. and as you know, a few blocks away at the white house, president obama met today with top congressional leaders about working together on that looming fiscal cliff. everyone emerged saying the meeting was, quote, constructive. bipartisan. house minority leader nancy pelosi, who sat down with abc's martha raddatz, said she's confident a solution is within reach. >> the spirit at the table was one of, everybody wants to make the best effort to get this done. hopefully that is possible. hopefully it is possible by the middle of december, so the confidence of the markets and most importantly, the confidence of the consumers, returns to infuse our economy with demand, which creates jobs. >> and we will see more of nancy pelosi and martha when martha sits in for george stephanopoulos sunday morning, hosting "this week." >>> and tonight, a town in west texas is grieving. it was supposed to be a celebration of veterans but that turned into a tragedy when the freight train smashed into a parade float. the parade float was stuck on the tracks in midland, texas, and then a s
, thank you. >>> we want to show you some live pictures right now. president obama, we told you, is departing for his first overseas trip since winning the election. live pictures here from andrews air force base in maryland. can you see marine one there carrying the president, taxying over towards air force one. the president will be spending a few days in asia. he'll be visiting thailand. he'll be visiting myanmar, and then he will go on to cambodia. on tuesday he will be departing cambodia and heading back to washington. the president will also meet with leaders from japan and china. this will actually be a first for a u.s. president when speaking in terms of his visit to myanmar which is also known as burma, so there you have it. we'll see the president departing shortly here for his trip to asia. we'll continue to watch these live pictures this morning for you. >>> back in washington, it seems a deal to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff may happen before january. president obama met yesterday with the four top leaders of congress. republicans john boehner and mitch mcconnell
. great to have you with us tonight. thanks so much. >>> there's a lot more coming up in the next half hour. stay right with us. >>> president obama wins, will you move forward with the health care exchange? >> we will work for the best interests in the state. >> governor scott walker announced a hands-off approach to obama care. the nation's john nichols will tell us why it's good news for wisconsinit wisconsinit wisconsinnitis. >> we'll take a look at his reasons. i'll tell you what's behind the fake fiscal cliff at the u.s. postal service. greg bell is here with the latest. [ male announcer ] can a car be built around a state of mind? ♪ announcing the all-new 2013 malibu from chevrolet. ♪ with a remarkable new interior featuring the available chevrolet mylink infotainment system. this is where sophisticated styling begins. and where it ends? that's up to you. it's here -- the greatest malibu ever. ♪ some people put everything intotheir name on the door, and their heart into their community. small business saturday is a day to show our support. a day to shop at stores owned by
, and prosperity for everyone. >> no more panels for us if it all gets done. thank you very much. thank you to our panel. [applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> president obama says he and congressional leaders have urgent business to do, mentioning tax rates for the middle class and job creation. the president's statement came just before a meeting with congressional leaders at the white house. >> i welcome the congressional leadership here and thank them for their time. we are all aware that we have some urgent business to do. we have to make sure taxes do not go up on middle-class families, our economy remains strong and we are creating jobs. . that is something that people all across the country share. our challenge is to make sure we are able to cooperate together, work together, find some common ground, make some tough compromises, build some consensus to do the people's business. the people are looking for action. the people want to see if we are focused on that and not our policies in washington. i hope
there in the hospital and i think the scene is very much the same today, randi. >> sara sidner, thank you very much and please stay safe there. thank you very much. >>> the u.s. is working behind the scenes to head off an all of hut war in the middle east. president obama spoke on the phone with benjamin netanyahu to try to defuse the situation. that is not all washington is doing. let's go to cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr in washington. barbara? >> the big concern here in washington is a ground war in gaza. there is growing concern that israeli troops and tank forces might cross the border and move into gaza. that is the major escalation that the u.s. does not want to see. so, the calculation now is, what does it take to make hamas stop its rocket attacks into israel and israel feel comfortable enough with that to pull back on the air strikes and pull back on any ground forces that it is assembling near the gaza border. there has been a lot of diplomacy going on. defense secretary leon panetta traveling in asia, calling the israeli defense minister barack. secretary of state hillary cli
show" starts right now. good evening, rachel. >> good evening. have a great weekend. thanks to you at home for joining us this hour. happy friday. what a week this has been. whoever packs president obama's bags is busy. he's going to asia tomorrow. no sitting u.s. president has ever visited the nation of cambodia before, but president obama is about to do so. no sitting president has visited burma either. but president obama is about to go there too. no president has ever done that. when he's there, he will meet with the opposition leader. what is the side note of this historic trip to burma? before the u.s. government decided to send a president to the country, we first decided we were ready to send a rock band to that country. the state department under a brand new president obama in 2009 authorized the great l.a. latin fusion band to go tour burma. a sort of ambassadors for u.s. culture in that part of the world. burma has only finally ended military rule there as of last year. after president obama makes his visit there this weekend, we have now learned we're going to be sendin
so much for coming. >> in thank you. >> meanwhile, it looks like president obama plans to nominate susan rice for secretary of state. would she run the state department as the president has run the white house. governor huckabee at the top of the hour with thoughts on all of that two young brothers thought they were part of the halftime show but a very special surprise was waiting for them on the sidelines. seems they haven't been moving much lately. but things are starting to turn around because of business people like you. and regions is here to help. with the experience and service to keep things rolling. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together. but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhal
is a place for al qaeda doesn't have safe havens. >> thank you. that's a very good question. i have an office actually that came out in particular and sending congratulations to the new term for president obama and the issue and congratulations and continuing to do with counterterrorism policy. let's keep in mind that no president, president hadi is a possible regime. he was the vice president and he's a military man with a military history and the vice president and he was part of the policies, so that's one. two, i think from a number of statements is more mentioning support of the military support to its structures of military units, which is one of the major challenges that president hadi is facing now and actually that will determine he was living now. the former machine have been the former president is they are in this part of making the opposition group. so one of the major challenges is reforming the security units in yemen and that is the un's help is needed. so we see that continuing policy of focusing on military support to president hadi as well. >> thank you. >> thank you. donna
. >> carol, thanks. >>> a golden moment captured in the oval office. the u.s. women's gymnastics team stopped by the white house to visit with president obama yesterday. the fierce five were in town for a gymnastics tour. the team captured america's hearts this summer at the london olympics. they won the team all-around gold for the first time since 1996. >>> a big day for a well known comedian has people here in d.c. seeing double. >> ladies and gentlemen, one, two, me! >> steven colbert was in washington yesterday for the unveiling of his very own wax figure in northwest. colbert was born here in d.c. and hosts the colbert report on comedy central. you can see he was quite impressed by his own likeness. yuk. >> this is what it's like to be with me. i would so want to be a guest on my show. >> colbert wasn't just here to spend some time with his new wax double. he was also in town to meet with fans and sign copies of his newest book "america again." i think he made out with himself. >> i don't know. kind of gross. it was kind of odd. i almost can't believe we showed that. but, you know, a wa
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